Woodlots Licences Rooted in Learning – 2022 Conference

November 22, 2022

After two long years of Zoom, Teams and conference calls, Woodlotters were finally able to gather in person.
The 2022 Annual Conference – Rooted In Learning – was hosted by the Fraser Valley Woodlot Association in Abbotsford October 14th-16th. Over 140 members, as well as forestry stakeholders, gathered for an information-packed weekend.

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Social Licence at its Best – Forestry and Recreation Compatible on a Vancouver Island Woodlot Licence

August 8, 2022

Anyone who holds a timber licence on Vancouver Island is well versed in the notions of “public engagement” and “interface” – Crown land is at a premium, and there’s a great deal of competition when it comes to using the land.

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Old Growth Deferral & Recruitment – Do Woodlots Belong?

A small cut block was harvested in 2021 along with another nearby block which included 20 loads of pulp from ‘fall out’ from over mature trees. Following this, the trail was rehabilitated and 25 loads of fir beetle salvage wood were taken out to prevent the beetles spread into the surrounding trees. This area of the woodlot will not be able to be managed in the future as a result of the Old Growth deferral strategy.

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Old Growth Deferrals & Minister Recognizes Innovation and Excellence in Woodlot Management

It’s been a time of change in forest policy over the past several months. The provincial government has been navigating the challenge of preserving old growth forests while balancing the economic imperatives of the stakeholders who rely on a constant supply of timber. The recent proposal for Old Growth Deferral and Recruitment has prompted lively discussion about the management of the province’s Crown forests.
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