Beyond Sawlogs – Woodlot Opportunities and Challenges

Fall 2019

This meeting came at a time when closures and curtailments have impacted the forestry sector – especially rural communities in BC. Following the welcome by the Wet’suwet’en First Nation, licensees took part in roundtable discussions about operational and economic challenges facing sustainable forestry practices in BC and how they work within the multitude of competing resource management objectives, government regulations and policies.

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Does BC Need More Woodlot Licences?

Summer 2019

Woodlot Licences are part of a little industry that makes a big difference on BC’s forest stewardship landscape. Most people don’t know what a Woodlot Licence is, let alone that there are more than 850 of them covering nearly 600,000 hectares of forests in British Columbia. In fact, there’s probably a woodlot in your backyard.

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Taking Social Licence to a New Level

Spring 2019

Social Licence for Crown forests is becoming increasingly challenging today with more public demands on the same piece of land – recreation, visual beauty, cultural heritage, wildlife, range, water and trees for timber. As stated by John Horgan in his April 4th Vancouver Sun Op-ed piece, “Forestry is a foundational industry”… “Communities large and small, rural and urban, depend on a strong and sustainable forest sector.”

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Resilient Forests for 2019

Winter 2018

It has been another year of unprecedented wildfires causing devastation to our forests, impacting Woodlot Licences, Community Forests, First Nations, companies with timber licences and communities at large. Many of the 60 woodlot licences impacted by wildfires in 2017 and 2018, were located in the wildland urban interface (WUI), where woodlots mostly reside.

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Catastrophic Wildfires – Why did it happen and what can be done?

Fall 2018

Catastrophic Wildfires – why did they happen and what can be done? Fall 2018 Woodlot licensees gathered in Williams Lake for the Federation of BC Woodlot Associations (FBCWA) AGM to look at what happened in the Cariboo and around Williams Lake during the 2017 wildfire season and examine ways in which forest management can change and be improved, not just to prevent wildfires but also to have healthier, more resilient forests and ecosystems.

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