Woodlot Licences Asset to Selkirk College

May – June 2017

Woodlot licensees across the province are an important piece of the natural resources puzzle. They’re tasked with managing BC’s smallest Crown forest tenure managed for timber, along with other forest values – the woodlot licence – on behalf of the public, balancing social, environmental and economic imperatives. This “social licence”, the inherent understanding that comes with the privilege of managing crown forests, means the public’s rights and interests must always be considered; for example, access to the land or the forestry practices utilized.

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Model Woodlot Licensees Uphold the Social Licence

Mar – Apr 2017

In 2014 we told you about a unique woodlot couple on Vancouver Island, Wolfram Wollenheit and Sibylle Walkemeyer of Econ Consulting. They had received two significant honours: the regional Minister’s Award of Excellence for their work on Woodlot License #1641 near Campbell River in the Coast region, as well as overall provincial honours for the outstanding example they set for woodlotters around the province.

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Wildfires, Woodlots & the Urban Interface

Jan – Feb 2017

While this past winter seems to have been unusually long, spring and the hot days of summer will be upon us before we know it, bringing with it the risk of forest fires. Unfortunately wildfires have become a reality in BC that we face each summer. Our forests and wildlands cover over 94 million hectares with approximately 2,000 wildfires occurring each year. Many of our communities feel threatened with this high occurrence of wildfires around the province, particularly those in rural areas.

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Family Efforts Restore the Health of the Forest

Nov – Dec 2016

The Mountain Pine beetle is still in the news as the destructive pests continue their march eastward and new tracts of forest are consumed. It’s easy to forget that foresters in BC are still dealing with the aftermath of an infestation that leveled their livelihoods over a decade ago. But their efforts are most certainly newsworthy, including those of the Sjoden woodlot family.

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Beyond the Beetle and a Look to the Future

Sept – Oct 2016

BC’s woodlotters gathered for their Annual General Meeting in Prince George this year, a fitting location given that it is the heart of the interior forest industry and has one of the largest concentrations of woodlot licences. And it isn’t surprising that the theme was “Beyond the Beetle” with a look to the future for these forest managers now that the Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) epidemic has run its course.

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