Woodlot Licences, while small, are a Big Deal on BC’s Forest Landscape

While everyone knows BC’s forests provide many benefits, do you know about BC’s Woodlot Licences and their unique contributions to communities?

There are woodlots and woodlot licences in British Columbia. A woodlot is a privately owned plot of forest. A woodlot licence is an area-based, long term forest tenure issued by the Province of BC. It’s a social contract to manage a parcel of Crown land, usually in combination with a private woodlot. The licence comes with strict rules, but also grants the right for the licensee to harvest timber on the land.

Today, there are about 850 woodlot licences held throughout BC, accounting for nearly 600,000 hectares of managed forestland and contributing 2% of all the timber harvested annually in BC.

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Saulteau First Nations: Woodlot Excellence in the Community

Community. It’s at the heart of every woodlot in British Columbia. Every one of the province’s 850 woodlot licences is woven into the fabric of the communities they share…economically,
ecologically, and socially. For each one, this community relationship is slightly different. Some are nestled up against towns. They’re shared with outdoor enthusiasts on horseback or ATV, hunters, foragers, hikers, and bikers.

Others, still, call the woodlot their home.

This is the case for the Saulteau First Nations, which manages W0231 in Moberly Lake.

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BC’s Woodlots in the Time of COVID

Spring is here, but it may not feel like a time of renewal at the moment for many of us. COVID-19 has changed so many aspects of our daily lives. We hope you, and those in your circle, are staying safe and healthy. We’re fortunate to live in a province that puts community first… you see it in BC’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak, just as we see it in the way our province’s resources are managed. We’re grateful for the leading role our government has taken in flattening the curve and looking out for everyone’s best interests.

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BC Woodlots – 2017/18 Wildfires Podcast #1

April 29, 2020

This is our first podcast! It is an interview of three woodlot licensees at the Federation of BC Woodlot Associations 2018 Williams Lake conference and AGM who talk about their experiences with the 2017 and 2018 wildfires.

The theme of the Conference is From Adversity Comes Inspiration which highlights what happened in the Cariboo-Chilcotin and around Williams Lake during the 2017 wildfires and how to move forward when it is all over. 2018 grew into another extreme wildfire year contributing to the conference’s agenda.

The first two interviews are with Marvin Strimbold and Jon Seinen, woodlot licensees who were directly involved in the Burns Lake wildfires of 2018. The third interview is with Ian Lanki, President of the Cariboo Woodlot Association who talks about why the Cariboo-Chilcotin wildfires of 2017 were so catastrophic and woodlot management post wildfires.

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Video Contest! April – June 2020

Recent school closures have given many forestry children a unique opportunity to learn from our working forest which is also the perfect place to practice the new ‘Social Distancing’ rules. The FBCWA invites woodlot kids to share a learning experience on their family woodlot licence by producing a short video (ideally less than 1 minute) for a chance to win one of 12 $100 Indigo gift cards. The contest runs April – June 2020 (to the end of the school year).

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