Many licensee interactions with the Ministry are now carried out through electronic transmission of information, through systems known collectively as Electronic Forest Management (e-FM). e-FM includes such applications as FTA, RESULTS and Waste reporting.

Access to these systems requires a BCeID username and password. Every woodlot licensee should obtain a BCeID, if for no other reason than to view and check the RESULTS reporting for their woodlot.

Apply for a BCeID online at:


Cut Control

The woodlot licence provides for an allowable annual cut. It is regulated by cut control rules and actions as set out in the Forest Act and the Cut Control Regulation. Cut controls ensure that the volume of timber harvested under the licence is consistent with it’s harvesting rights.

Cut Control Administration Guide

Verify cut control status using FLNRORD’s Harvest Billing System (video)

Scaling Manual

Grade Four Cut Control Update (Interior) – Oct 23, 2017

Authorization to Exceed Cut Control Limit (120%)

Dealing with a Catastrophic Event Necessitating Increased Harvesting on Woodlot Licences (Sep 22, 2009

Dealing with Two Available Options Regarding Overcut Carry Forward Volumes of Timber Harvested as a Result of Catastrophic Events on Woodlot Licences (June 27, 2011)

Undercutting – Disposition of Unharvested Cut Control Volume


Cutting Permits

One cutting permit over a woodlot licence is available for licensees who meet the following three criteria:

  1. There is an approved Woodlot License Plan in place
  2. The cutting permit being applied for is on tabular rates (only applicable to Schedule B land and there are no outstanding extended Road Amortization Agreements in place).
  3. The District Manager is satisfied that adequate First Nations consultation for the area has occurred.

One CP Administration Manual

For more information and how to apply for one cutting permit over the entire woodlot licence area, refer to:

CP Postponement Policy

CP Extensions & Surrender Policy

CP Amendment Policy

The Woodlot Licence CP Reminders List is a list of pre and post-harvest reminders prepared by the FBCWA for woodlot licensees. It is provided as guidance to help licensees meet their obligations and may not list every commitment or obligation on every licence. Licensees are encouraged to amend it to meet their own circumstances.

Three versions are provided to customize the list:

CP Reminders List (Word version)

CP Reminders List (Excel version)

CP Reminders List (PDF version)

An accompanying guidance document which includes helpful hints is also available :

CP Reminders List Guidance & Hints

Inventory (WL) Standards

The Woodlot Licence Timber Resources Inventory Handbook provides the holders of woodlot licences, their service providers, and FLNRORD staff with guidelines and information for the preparation and presentation of timber resource inventories for woodlot licences in British Columbia.  An inventory of timber resources is required by the Forest Act as part of a Woodlot management plan, and will be submitted with a completed management plan.

Woodlot Licence Inventory Handbook

WL Inventory Letter 2018.06.13

Private Land Deletion

On November 1, 2011, Section 47.1 of the Forest Act was amended by Bill 6 to allow for the removal of private land from a woodlot licence at the discretion of the minister.

The Ministry of FLNRORD has developed guidelines for the deletion of private land from woodlot licences:

Private Land Removal Policy 8.8 Memo – May 1, 2018
2018.04.11 Private Land Removal Guidelines
2018.04.12 Private Land Removal Policy_approved

Professional Reliance

The professional reliance matrix and guidance memo can be found at the following link under Interim Guidance: Roles and Responsibilities of Woodlot Licensees, Government Staff and Forest Professionals (Version 1.0).

Refer to: http://www.for.gov.bc.ca/dck/Tenures/Tenures_Index.htm#Woodlot_Licence

Refer to Bulletin Board: (June 2015): Retaining Professionals – Guidance for Woodlot Licensees & Checklist


Resource Roads

Resource Road Engineering Manual

Cutting Permit & Road Tenure Administration Manual

Road Permit

Road Use Permit Application

Road Reporting & 1 CP

A new road reporting model for roads built or used for an industrial purpose under a 1 CP was implemented by the Chief Forester. Refer to the memo and new reporting form below.

Chief Forester Memo – Road Reporting for 1 CP on WL Licence – July 5 2019

WL Road Reporting Information Submission Form _Final 2019

Woodlot Licence Plan

A Woodlot Licence Plan template and checklist are available (Revised template April, 2018).

Woodlot Licence Plan Memo (April 20, 2018)

Woodlot Licence Plan Template (April 5, 2018)

Woodlot Licence Plan Training

For more information on completing a WLP template refer to FLNORD website under heading Woodlot Guidance>Woodlot Licence Operational Plans

Woodlot Licence Plan Extensions

To extend a Woodlot Licence Plan, refer to FRPA Interpretive Bulletin (January 4, 2016): https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/environment/natural-resource-stewardship/nr-laws-policy/integrated-resource-bulletins/frpa-admin-no-16-interp-guidance-respecting-the-extension-of-woodlot-licence-plans-jan-4-2016.pdf