Ollie’s Woodlot Adventures

Ollie’s Woodlot Adventures colouring and activity book takes you to a woodlot licence where you will learn about trees and how a forest is managed sustainably. You can order a supply free of charge by emailing us at communications@woodlot.bc.ca or download the digital version below:

Download Ollie’s Woodlot Adventures


Fieldtrips (aka “A Walk in the Woods”)

Woodlot licences are often located close to communities and schools and play host to fieldtrips for students of all ages – from elementary school to post secondary – providing educational opportunities in an outdoor classroom.

An educational “walk in the woods” can include lessons in things as simple as identifying tree species and counting tree rings and as complex as managing watersheds and wildlife habitat in a sustainable working forest.

To learn more about woodlot fieldtrips check out our video  ‘Walk in the Woods’.

To arrange a fieldtrip, contact admin@woodlot.bc.ca to put you in touch with a woodlotter in your area.