Activities on Woodlot Licences must be reported to RESULTS (Reporting Silviculture Updates and Land Status Tracking System).

Reporting to RESULTS is a legal obligation, per Section 76 of the Woodlot Licence Planning and Practices Regulation.

Activities that must be reported include new openings, changes or amendments to existing openings, tree planting, forest cover and declarations that obligations such as free growing have been met.

Reports of activities in each calendar year must be submitted by April 30th of the following year.

RESULTS Access Permission to View your RESULTS records can be obtained by any woodlot licencee with a BCeID. Access Permission to update RESULTS information or make declarations is only given to persons who can demonstrate that they have completed a required level of training.


To apply for RESULTS access:


For technical assistance with or general information on RESULTS, contact:

Tom Bradley, RFT
Woodlot Forestry Services Ltd.
(250) 226-7792


Additional Resources:

RESULTS Training

RESULTS tech manual for Woodlots (2012)

Industry RESULTS tech bible

RESULTS for Woodlots Guide (2007)
(old, but a useful manual)

FLNR On-line Basics RESULTS Training Video (2017)

Woodlot Licence Forest Management Regulation (Code Era – 1998 Version)
(Contains many stocking standard defaults)

(For Woodlot ESF Submission Software (a.k.a WLGML))