Caribou & Woodlot Licences Presentation (May 2020)

BC’s Woodlot Licences within Caribou Habitat (2020.05.05)


SARA Recovery Strategies & Management Plans (2016)

Environment and Climate Change Canada have developed a three year work plan which includes completing recovery strategies and management plans for over 80 wildlife species at risk in B.C.

Canadian Wildlife Service of Environment and Climate Change Canada is seeking input on draft recovery documents for SARA listed species at risk in BC (February 3, 2016). Following are materials regarding recovery planning for your reference:

Cover Letter

Recovery Document Fact Sheet And Update 3 Feb 2016

Species At Risk Recovery Planning Questionnaire

Generic Restricted Data Licence Agreement

Draft documents prepared for comment on the following species at risk:

Blue-grey Tail dropper

Edwards’ Beach Moth

Northern Leopard Frog

Northern Rubber Boa

Sharp-tailed Snake

Recovery documents for SAR must go through a public consultation process. Proposed recovery strategies are posted on the Species at Risk Public Registry for a 60-day public consultation period.

Recovery documents available for public comment are posted on our bulletin board when they are released.

Recovery Strategies once finalized can be found on the Species at Risk Public Registry.

Contact Species at Risk Recovery Unit

Canadian Wildlife Service / Pacific & Yukon Region
Environment and Climate Change Canada / Government of Canada
5421 Robertson Road RR #1, Delta, BC, V4K 3N2 / Tel: 604-350-1900