2019 Communicator Issues

Winter:  Innovation & Woodlot Management Excellence
Fall: Beyond Sawlogs – Woodlot Opportunities and Challenges
Summer: Does BC Need More Woodlot Licences?
Spring: Taking Social Licence to a New Level


2018 Communicator Issues

Winter:  Resilient Forests for 2019
Fall:  Catastrophic Wildfires – Why did it happen and what can be done?
Summer:  Post Wildfire 102 – Restoring the Forest
Spring:  Post Wildfire 101


2017 Communicator Issues

Nov – Dec:  BC’s Forests – A Year in Review
Sep – Oct:  Achieving Peak Performance
Jul – Aug:  BC’s Woodlot Licence Program
May – Jun:  Woodlot Licences Asset to Selkirk College
Mar – Apr:  Model Woodlot Licensees Uphold the Social Licence
Jan – Feb:  Wildfires, Woodlots & the Urban Interface


2016 Communicator Issues

Nov – Dec:  Family Efforts Restore the Health of the Forest
Sep – Oct:  Beyond the Beetle and a Look to the Future
Jul – Aug:  Social Licence and BC’s Woodlot Licences
May – Jun:  The Earl of Lunch Lake
Mar – Apr:  Woodlotters Work to Protect Watersheds
Jan – Feb:  Everything Is For Later – and That’s As It Should Be


2015 Communicator Issues

Nov – Dec:  Family Woodlot Licence A Leader In Forest Stewardship
Sep – Oct:  Education The Focus Of Woodlot AGM
Jul – Aug:  Past and Future Intersect On Woodlot
May – Jun:  Fraser Valley Family Exemplifies Woodlot Values
Mar – Apr:  A Family’s Lasting Legacy
Jan – Feb:  My Forest Smelled Like a Sawmill – Woodlotters Battle Beetle at Ground Zero


2014 Communicator Issues

Nov – Dec 2014
Sept – Oct 2014
Jul – Aug 2014
May – Jun 2014
Mar – Apr 2014
Jan – Feb 2014


2013 Communicator Issues

Nov – Dec 2013
Sep – Oct 2013
Jul – Aug 2013
May – Jun 2013
Mar – Apr 2013
Jan – Feb 2013


2012 Communicator Issues

Nov – Dec 2012
Sep – Oct 2012
Jul – Aug 2012
May – Jun 2012
Mar – Apr 2012
Jan – Feb 2012


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