Woodlot for Windows (Woodlot) is timber supply modelling software that is used to calculate a sustainable harvest rate on Woodlot Licences. The software and user guide are available at no charge.

Woodlot 4.4 (released March 19, 2019), the most recent version, has a number of upgrades and enhancements.

Woodlot 4.4
Woodlot 4.4.msi

It is important that you use the most recent version. Using an older version can lead to errors in some situations.

Woodlot flashes the version number when it starts, or click <Help> <About> inside the program to see the version number.

Installing a new version may require a few steps:

  • First, the original version 4.1 must be installed. This is a standard Windows install process.
  • Second, the upgrade must be installed.

For more information and downloading the most recent version, go the FLNORD link below:


Reference Guide

User’s Guide – Version 4.4