Industry and commercial operators in British Columbia have, under the Wildfire Act and Wildfire Regulation, legal obligations and responsibilities with respect to fire use, prevention, control, and rehabilitation.

Wildfire Hazard Assessments & Abatement:

Fire Hazard Assessment & Abatement Q&A (July 30, 2019) provides guidance and answers key questions such as:

  • When is it necessary to complete a fire hazard assessment?
  • How often must an assessment be done?
  • Who can do an assessment?
  • What must be included in a fire hazard assessment?

The MFLNRO Wildfire Management Branch in conjunction with Natural Resources Canada released A Guide to Fuel Hazard Assessment and Abatement in British Columbia (April 2012). The guide is developed to assist those carrying out industrial activities to determine whether or not fuel hazard abatement is necessary and if so, the threshold necessary to comply with the legislated obligations. The guide provides a procedure to determine fuel hazards created by an industrial or prescribed activity on forest land and contains a straightforward step by step instruction to enable a person to determine when fuel hazard abatement is needed in relation to the fire risk, proximity to interface and fuel loading and arrangement.

Fire Hazard Assessment & Abatement on Woodlot Licence Harvest Areas (WPDC project, July 2020)

BC Wildfire Services mapping related to B.C. Post Harvest Hazard Abatement Fire Risk

The memo below contains more information and links to the BCWS dashboard:

BCWS Memo October 29, 2019