Catastrophic Wildfires – Why did it happen and what can be done?

Fall 2018

Catastrophic Wildfires – why did they happen and what can be done? Fall 2018 Woodlot licensees gathered in Williams Lake for the Federation of BC Woodlot Associations (FBCWA) AGM to look at what happened in the Cariboo and around Williams Lake during the 2017 wildfire season and examine ways in which forest management can change and be improved, not just to prevent wildfires but also to have healthier, more resilient forests and ecosystems.

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Post Wildfire 102 – Restoring the Forest

Summer 2018

Nature’s balancing act is challenging enough without interference. How we have managed our forests through the decades, our success at fire suppression and control and global warming have disrupted the balance of our ecosystems and culminated in last year’s worst wildfire season for BC.

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BC’s Forests – A Year in Review

Nov – Dec 2017

It has been a year of ups and downs for the forest industry, but BC has demonstrated that as a community with shared interests we can overcome challenges and build on our strengths.A season of unprecedented wildfires caused devastation to our forests, impacting Woodlot Licences, Community Forests, First Nations, companies with timber licences, ranchers and communities at large.

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Achieving Peak Performance

Sept – Oct 2017

The Federation of BC Woodlot Associations and the Woodlot Product Development Council held their joint Annual General Meetings this fall at Sun Peaks Resort, a beautiful all-season destination just outside Kamloops. The agenda was focussed on achieving “Peak Performance” as stewards of BC’s smallest forest tenure – the woodlot licence, a small part of the province’s Crown forests – approximately 2.2% of the provincial annual timber harvest – and the discussions were framed around the concept of “Social Licence”.
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